Phthalates: Likely Cause of Diabetes and Obesity – and They’re Everywhere!

Phthalates are everywhere, but they’ve evaded much regulation because they aren’t acutely toxic. This study, though, documents a strong connection between these toxic chemicals and diabetes.Phthalates Poisonby Heidi Stevenson

A major study shows a very strong connection between phthalate exposure and diabetes in women. This group of chemicals is ubiquotous. You literally cannot eliminate them from your life. Though diabetes is generally thought to be a disease that results from poor lifestyle and poor diet, it may have more to do with environmental chemicals thrust on us than on poor personal choices. (more…)

Common Plastic Chemicals Leading to Miscarriages, Infertility

plasticbottles 220x137 Common Plastic Chemicals Leading to Miscarriages, InfertilityYou may know phthalates to be the ‘sister’ chemicals that oftentimes accompany toxic bisphenol A (BPA) in many plastic containers and food packaging. While less frequently discussed than BPA, phthalates are a threat to human health that could especially be impacting the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses alike. According to new research, phthalates may be associated with an increase in miscarriage risk due to the fact that the industrial chemicals can lower sperm counts and boost a woman’s chance of infertility. (more…)

How “Tin Cans” Can Undermine Your Health

I’m a big fan of fresh organic food. It’s nutritious, free of pesticides and I think it just plain tastes better. But one of the best reasons for eating fresh organic food isn’t the food itself… it’s the packaging.

You see most supermarket foods come packaged in plastic these days. And most of those plastics contain substances – called phthalates – that make them more flexible. Even most of the metal cans on store shelves are lined with plastics that contain phthalates. (more…)