More Misinformation on Bioidentical Hormones

Doctor_Christina_Matera_CBS_News_BioidenticalMore Misinformation on Bioidentical Hormones

CBS News says that  Bioidenticals are no safer than other hormone replacement therapy.  This is incorrect, they are actually safer.

Recently, CBS News did an interview with Dr. Christina Matera entitled,Bioidenticals no safer than other hormone replacement therapy”

Although Dr Matera managed to get some of the information right, much of it is misinformation and drug company propaganda.

Left Image: Dr Christina Matera courtesy of CBS News (1)

A Hatchet Job Against Compounding Pharmacies-

Here is a quote from the article:

“Dr. Cristina Matera, a reproductive endocrinologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center,  warned that patients should be aware of the risks that come with using products that are compounded and not FDA approved…..One of the main concerns is that the amount of each hormone used is not monitored. When treatments like these are produced in a compounding pharmacy, the final product is not FDA regulated. Compounding pharmacies themselves aren’t subjected to the same quality standards as other medical production facilities that are regulated by the FDA.” (more…)

Hormones For Women: The Benefits of Progesterone, The Problems With Progestin (Provera®)

Hormone replacement therapy can be beneficial. Progesterone is a hormone the female body makes and needs for many health reasons. However, synthetic chemicals (progestins like Provera®) do not have the same benefits. It is vital that women and practicing physicians understand that bio-identical progesterone boosts wellness, and progestins are risky. (more…)

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement: Feel Good Again

Migraines, irritability, depression, sleeplessness, and weight gain are powerful messages saying time is running out. They are the early signs of an aging process that will lead to pain, drugs, degenerative disease and loss of function. At the end of this road is either early death or a nursing home. One of the key events that starts us careening down this road is hormonal decline. Once we enter hormonal decline, life is never the same again, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Bioidentical hormone replacementcan restore you to the person you were when you were in your prime.

Why your doctor doesn’t prescribe bioidentical hormones (more…)

St. John's Wort and Oral Contraceptives

Over the last five to ten years, a few rare case reports and a short list of published research have brought to light the possibility that St. John’s wort may interfere with oral contraceptive (OC) pills. The main issue is that St. John’s Wort induces cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes, and therefore may alter the pharmacokinetics of the estrogen and/or progestin and result in a reduction of their contraceptive efficacy.

Hormones and the heart

In the eyes of holistic physicians, hormones are the “fountain of youth” in the human body. Their job is to regulate the functions of different tissues and organs as well as blood pressure control, reproductive function, body mass, immune function, cognitive performance, how we deal with stress and so much more. Hormones are chemical messengers that are released from one area of the body to communicate a signal in another area.

The hormonal “orchestra” must stay in balance in order for the tissues that they regulate to function optimally and stay in harmony. When hormones become depleted or imbalanced (from aging, stress, pollutants, lifestyle) we begin to experience serious health issues.

While the majority of information about hormonal health tends to focus on reproductive function and conditions associated with PMS, menopause and andropause, other areas of the body are just as greatly affected.

The heart is one organ that hormone balance has a direct effect upon. Newer research is exploring how inadequate hormone levels negatively affect heart health, and how achieving hormone balance can offset this. (more…)