How This Rarely Used Sweetener Can Improve Your Health

blackstrap2First thing for the sugar wary or weary is to consider a healthy sweetener substitute. Unsulphered blackstrap molasses is at the top of the list. It has a low glycemic index. And it can be used in warm water as a daily tonic to enhance our mineral deficient bodies that our minerally depleted topsoil crops have helped create.



You see, the cane sugar processed for molasses has roots that extend 15 feet below topsoil where there are still abundant minerals. More about how unsulphered blackstrap molasses is made later in the article.


Benefits of Usulphered Blackstrap Molasses


Unneeded hospital blood tests giving heart attack victims life-threatening anemia

It feels like a horrific tale about barbaric medical practices from ancient history: people with a life threatening heart condition are subjected to bloodletting until they become anemic. But this is no joke and it is happening right now. According to new research, hospitals are routinely subjecting heart attack patients to many excessive routine blood tests. These already seriously ill people are becoming sicker — and may even die as a result.