Can Coffee and Tea Extend Your Life?

In a recent issue of the Journal of Nutrition, an article was published showing a lower risk of mortality for coffee and tea drinkers over an 11-year average follow-up period.1

The study included 2,461 participants (over 40 years of age) and formed part of the Northern Manhattan Study. At baseline, the participants were free of stroke, cancer, and heart disease.

Researchers examined the association with food questionnaires during an 11-year follow-up. The majority of participants were coffee and tea drinkers, and the results were impressive.

A 7% reduction in mortality was seen for each additional cup of coffee ingested per day. Strong protection was seen in those who drank 4 or more cups of regular caffeinated coffee. Additionally, a 9% decreased risk of mortality was seen for each increased cup of tea per day.

The proposed beneficial mechanism is the high antioxidant content of these beverages, although the researchers concluded that more research is needed.

Watch our own Dr. Mike Smith explain in the short video below:


  1. J Nutr. 2013 Aug;143(8):1299-308.

Cleansing Herbal Teas

For a tasty and healthy beverage, why not steep these various ingredients into warm and soothing herbal teas.

Cleansing Herbal Teas

Choose from as many of these dried herbs as possible to make into a dried blend:

Dandelion root
Burdock root
Pau d’Arco inner bark
Cinnamon bark
Cardamom seed
Licorice root
Fennel seed
Juniper berries
Ginger root
Clove buds
Black peppercorns
Uva Ursi leaves
Horsetail herb
Orange peel
Parsley root
Pure water

For every 2½ cups of pure water, use 1 Tbsp of your chosen herb. This provides a medium-strength beverage and 2 Tbsps of the herb will yield a stronger-flavored beverage. You can use one herb or a combination of any of these for your own unique brew.

Let the herbal mix sit in the water overnight. The next morning, heat the mixture to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain the tea and save the herbs. Allow the liquid to cool slightly before sipping. If you prefer a sweeter tea, add stevia, agave nectar or grade B maple syrup.

Now put the used herbs back into the pot and add 1 Tbsp of fresh herbs for every 2½ cups of water. Let the herbal mix sit overnight and repeat the whole process again. Keep adding new herbs to old ones for three days, then discard all of the herbs and start over.t