Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes For Fighting Cancer


Systemic proteolytic enzymes have been used successfully for many different illnesses as I explained previously. When it comes to cancer treatment, the history gets a bit scandalous — and very interesting. But you should know how systemic enzyme therapy works to reduce cancer growth, the key people and historical facts behind the story and where things stand today.

Dr. James Beard

In 1902, James Beard, a well-known Scottish Ph.D. embryologist, observed that animal placental embryonic cells (today we call them stem cells) invade the female uterus in many ways like cancer’s invasion of body tissues. Cancer cells are essentially trophoblastic cells (embryonic cells) that can occur in any organ tissue, and, like placental trophoblastic cells, grow very rapidly, migrate, invade other tissues, and form a blood supply of their own. The main difference is that the placenta knows when to stop growing and invading, but cancer does not. (more…)