Accidental find shows Vitamin C kills tuberculosis

Vitamin C

The authors of the new study urged further research into the potential uses of Vitamin C in TB treatment, stressing it was “inexpensive, widely available and very safe to use.”

Scientists said Tuesday they had managed to kill lab-grown tuberculosis (TB) bacteria with good old Vitamin C – an “unexpected” discovery they hope will lead to better, cheaper drugs.

A team from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York made the accidental find while researching how TB bacteria become resistant to the TB drug isoniazid.

The researchers added isoniazid and a “reducing agent” known as cysteine to the TB in a test tube, expecting the bacteria to develop drug resistance. (more…)

FDA Approves Drug that Kills 5 Times More than Placebo

Bedaquiline kills more than 5 times as many subjects as the placebo does, so what did the FDA do? If you think they’d ban it, you’ll be mistaken. They have approved it.

Hand Holding Pill with Smoky Skull

Photo of Hand Holding Pill by Mikamatto (Smoky Skull added)

by Heidi Stevenson

Update: The FDA didn’t just grant Sirturo (bedaquiline) fast track status. It’s worse than that. They have skipped fast tracking and went straight to approval! Sure, they say it’s only for patients for whom there are no other treatments—but they conveniently skip the fact that the drug outright kills 5 times as many people as placebo. (more…)

Surviving Sepsis & Fungal Infections

Credit: Image courtesy of Medical University of Vienna

Science Daily reports, “With infectious diseases, it is often not the pathogen itself, but rather an excessive inflammatory immune response (sepsis) that contributes to the patient’s death, for instance as a result of organ damage. On intensive care units, sepsis is the second-most common cause of death worldwide. In patients with a severely compromised immune system specially, life-threatening candida fungal infections represent a high risk of sepsis.” (more…)