Yeast Is A Cause of Cancer And Turmeric Can Kill Both, Research Confirms

Yeast Is A Cause of Cancer And Turmeric Can Kill Both, Research Confirms

A new study validates a controversial cancer theory, namely, that yeast in our body can contribute to not just feeding, but actually causing cancer. Can the ancient healing spice turmeric come to the rescue?

A recent study published in Critical Reviews in Microbiology lends support to the concept that opportunistic Candida albicans (yeast) infection may not just be a consequence of cancer, but is an actively contributing cause as well.

Titled, “Candida albicans and cancer: Can this yeast induce cancer development or progression?“, the study provided the following important background information on this controversial subject:


One Enzyme That Destroys Candida

Candida is a fungus that naturally lives in the human body.

A leaky or permeable gut lining, antibiotic use, and a sugary, gluten-filled diet invite systemic Candida overgrowth.

While Candida is native to the mouth, the digestive tract, and the birth canal, it can overgrow—especially when we are under physical, mental, or emotional stress.

Candida is opportunistic and can change its form when necessary. The two most common forms of Candida are yeast cells and hyphae. (more…)

Bicarbonate/Carbon Dioxide Medicine

Description: Bi-Carb Formula 250 caps

My medical revolution is simple. Replace dangerous, ineffective, expensive pharmaceuticals with more effective, safe and inexpensive basic medicinals. But the mainstream world of medicine is stubborn and profit driven choosing to remain with the dangerous, expensive and ineffective medicines no matter how many people die from prescriptions for these hazardous medications.

The medical community continues to remain in ignorance about the most basic substances and how they might affect the outcome of cancer. The American Cancer Society demonstrates on their website their lack of knowledge of bicarbonate and human physiology: (more…)

3 Ways Candida Outwits Your Defenses

The spectrum of disorders related to Candida overgrowth is wide. Candida albicans is opportunistic yeast that is found in every healthy human being.

Candida releases ammonia into its environment whenever it sees fit.

The problem with Candida overgrowth is that in the most extreme cases it can be deadly. (1)

Because Candida is native to the mouth, the gut, and the vaginal tract, it is common to see Candida overgrowth in otherwise healthy individuals. (2) For example, if you are fighting the flu or are under more stress than usual, Candida overgrowth can show up as thrush in the mouth or as a vaginal yeast infection.

How Candida Invades Your Body

Once Candida has spread within the body, it can deeply infiltrate healthy tissue. Areas like the gut, immune system, and lymph tissue are highly susceptible to a Candida attack. (more…)

The destructive nature of leaky gut syndrome

The digestive tract is loaded with trillions of microorganisms that form a natural ecosystem commonly called the gut flora. This ecosystem is designed to be symbiotic in that it benefits both the individual and the microbes. Certain lifestyle stressors throw off the natural symbiosis and cause a rise in pathogenic microbes, chronic gut inflammation and damage to the gut lining. (more…)


Loveallnatural from Kansas City, Mo writes: “My Dad has had a yeast rash for over 50 years. It is mostly on his back and each summer it would cover his back and itch like crazy. Over the years he has visited every kind of doctor and tried every remedy he could think of trying to find relief. He’s tried every prescription and OTC pills or cream available with no effect and summers were unbearable as the heat made him itch constantly. Each summer he took strong prescription steroids in an effort to manage the itching. (He was also very susceptible to athlete’s foot.)  (more…)

Candida Control in Two Weeks

(Health Secrets Newsletter) Current Candida diets are unhealthy, lengthy, unwise and simply not all that effective. On the other hand, there is no reason that Candida cannot be totally controlled in a few days to two weeks for most cases. At the roots of the Candida problem are several issues, few of which are addressed in a way that shows any understanding of nature and her laws. Before we address those issues, let’s just review a few points of basic Candida pathology. (more…)

Major Yeast Infection Drug Causes Birth Defects: Natural Remedies Better

The FDA admits Diflucan causes birth defects. Don’t worry. Natural fungal treatments are often more effective and always safer.

Baby in mother's arms, broken by overlay

It should come as no surprise that Diflucon (fluconazole) has been found to cause birth defects. Probably the most commonly prescribed drug for yeast infections has been on the market for over 22 years. Yet, though it contains an element that is known to cause birth defects, the FDA has taken all that time to figure out how dangerous it is. (more…)